Adobe Design Circle Scholarship 2023: How to Apply

Adobe Design Circle Scholarship
Adobe Design Circle Scholarship

Adobe thinks that all young people, no matter where they come from or how much money they have, should have the chance to learn and express themselves through creativity and technology.

The Design Circle scholarship will give out 10 college scholarships every year, each worth up to $25,000 per year, for each year of the recipient’s undergraduate education (up to four years or $100,000). This will help reach youth groups that aren’t being reached and encourage more diversity in the design industry.

Students from all over the world can apply for this scholarship, which can be used to study in your home country or somewhere else.

The scholarship is perfect for students who want to go into careers related to product design or experience design, such as digital, web, UX/UI, interaction design, or something similar.

People of different races or ethnicities, women, LGBTQ+ people, first-generation college students, and students with disabilities are all encouraged to apply.

About Adobe Design Circle Scholarship

The Design Circle is a group of design leaders who work together to make business, society, innovation, culture, and design practice better places.

The Adobe Design Circle Scholarship is for good students who want to go to college in the United States and get their first degree. This scholarship program is run by the Institute of International Education (IIE).

The organization has been a leader in promoting international education and creating new ways for colleges and universities around the world to work together.

The company’s goal is to make societies more peaceful and fair by promoting education, building economies, and making sure people have access to opportunities.

As a unique part of the program, scholarship winners will have the chance to be mentored by members of Design Circle. This will help the scholarship have a bigger impact and give scholarship winners real-world experience while they are in school.

Benefits of the Adobe Design Circle Scholarship

  • Financial Aid: Students who qualify for the Adobe Design Circle Scholarship can get money to help pay for their tuition and other school-related costs. This financial aid can make it easier to pay for college and other school-related costs.
  • Professional Development: Recipients of the Adobe Design Circle Scholarship can take part in professional development activities like Adobe webinars, workshops, and events. This will help the people who get it learn more about design and get better at it.
  • Opportunities to make connections: As part of the Adobe Design Circle Scholarship program, winners will have the chance to connect with other design-interested students from all over the world. This will give them a chance to learn from each other, find possible mentors, and make connections with other design professionals.
  • Mentorship and Support: The Adobe Design Circle Scholarship also offers mentoring and support from Adobe’s professional design team. This will give the people who get the grants access to experts in their field who can give them advice, direction, and feedback on their work.
  • Career Opportunities: The Adobe Design Circle Scholarship also gives students the chance to get paid internships and jobs where they can gain valuable hands-on experience. This will help the people who get it get valuable work experience and could help them get a job in the design industry after they graduate.
  • Creative Expression: The Adobe Design Circle Scholarship gives winners a chance to show off their creativity and find out what they are capable of. This can help them feel better about themselves and get better at designing.
  • Community: The Adobe Design Circle Scholarship also gives you the chance to join a group of students who are interested in design the same way you are. This will make it possible for students to learn from each other, work together on projects, and get to know people who work in the field.


  • This scholarship is for 2022-23 undergraduate college/university students in any year. Applicants must be enrolling in an accredited college/university degree or certificate program.
  • This international scholarship can be used to study in your own country or abroad.
  • Scholarship recipients must show proof of acceptance into an undergraduate program before receiving cash.
  • This scholarship has no minimum grade requirement, but applicants must demonstrate academic and extracurricular capabilities to excel in a college/university program in their preferred field of study.

Requirements for the Adobe Design Circle Scholarship

A full application will have the following:

  • Online application form filled out
  • A personal written or video statement of up to three minutes or about 500 words.
  • An estimate of what your tuition and fees will cost.
  • Two letters from references. The letters must come from people outside of your family who know you well, like a teacher, instructor, professor, employer/work supervisor, advisor to a club outside of school, etc.
  • The school gives out a high school transcript (for applicants from the United Kingdom or Commonwealth countries, A level, O level, GCSE, or BTEC results are also acceptable)
  • if applicable, a college or university transcript from the school
  • You can put up to three examples of your design work in your portfolio. Your portfolio can have links to websites you’ve made or to third-party sites where you’ve put your work (examples of third-party sites include Behance, YouTube, DailyMotion, Imgur, Dropbox, etc.).

How to Apply

Online submission of applications is the first step towards being considered for the Adobe Design Circle Scholarship. Simply click on this link to get started.

Scholarship Worth

Each year, they will grant 10 annual college scholarships of up to $25,000 per year for up to four years of undergraduate study, or $100,000 total.


The application period for 2022 is, at this point, over. Make sure to check back soon to learn when the application period for the year 2023 will officially begin.


Aspiring creatives who want to take their love of design to the next level can seize a once-in-a-lifetime chance to do so by applying for the Adobe Design Circle Scholarship. 

The scholarship encourages students to stretch their creative boundaries and find new possibilities by providing them with the skills and resources necessary to become leaders in the creative business. 

This scholarship is an excellent opportunity to begin a career in design and make a significant contribution to the industry because it provides both a sizable monetary grant and the chance to work with an experienced designer as a mentor.


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