Canada Employment Tips | Get High Paying Job In Canada

Canada Employment Tips
Canada Employment Tips

We will discuss Canada employment tips that will help you land a high paying job in Canada. We shall unveil some important tips for getting a good-paying job in Canada today.

If you currently looking for a job or planning to move to Canada soon. I think it’s now the right time to do so because there are many green indicators.

Well, to meet the need for manpower in Canada, the government has planned to receive a lot of workers by the end of 2023!

However, it has not been really easy to find a job in Canada which is more reason why this article is here to help.

So you should pay attention to this piece;

Canada Employment Tips To Get a High Paying Job

Before you think of getting a job in Canada, you must possess a Social Insurance Number (SIN).

This number will be essential for you to get work in Canada. It consists of 9 digits and allows you to have access to job offers in the country.

However, I will assume you already have a valid Canada Visa/Work Permit. If not, visit the Canada Visa and Work Permit page to see how to apply and get approved.

Canada Social Insurance Number

There are several ways to get your social insurance number. You can choose to follow any of the paths below;

You can checkout the required documents for Social Insurance Number here.

1. Apply for Social Insurance Number Online

If you wish to apply for the Social Insurance Number online, visit the Canada employment social development site and apply. Make sure to select the right options applicable to you.

2. Apply for SIN Through Service Center

For the residents of Canada, there are several Canada Service Centers available to you. Visit any of them to get your SIN. It is one of the fastest methods.

3. Apply for SIN Via Mail

In case you are not in the country, then you should try this method. All you have to do is fill out some paperwork and mail it in to have your social insurance number.

Send your SIN application Via Mail to the Following Address
Service Canada,
Social Insurance Registration Office,
PO Box 7000,
Bathurst NB E2A 4T1,

Once your SIN number has been acquired, the next step to take is finding a Job as soon as possible.

However, there is one important element you must consider before searching for the job. Yes, your Curriculum Vitae must be ready and must be properly structured. So see below;

Best Way to Structure Personal CV For Canada Jobs

Here are what your Canadian CV should contain in the order of importance. Therefore, if truly need a good-paying job, then go through them.

  • Personal details

Your first name, address, phone number and email must be visible. Other details like your photo, your age, your civil status, etc. are also necessary.

  • Career goal

Use one or two sentences to summarize your professional goal. (Ex: Journalist. Use my writing skills, my reactivity and my taste for human contact in the service of information).

  • Professional experiences

Describing the assignments, the projects carried out and your general contribution to your previous jobs and internships is important. Also, mention your volunteer experiences. Be specific and feel free to add referral contacts.

  • Skills

Include your skills in terms of language and IT are highly recommended.

  • Education

Your studies, your diplomas, your projects and other professional certificates must not be missing.

  • Your hobbies (sport, entertainment, travel, etc.)

  • References

Note: Immediately your CV is ready and before responding to the advertisements, ensure that you have fully understood the problem of the recruiting company (context /issues/Challenges).

Meanwhile, your CV and accompanying cover letter must be adapted and personalized for each application.

Guide to Finding High Paying Jobs in Canada

When finding a job in Canada, especially as a foreigner; it is important to survey the labour market before moving abroad. This helps you know your chances of securing a job there. Meanwhile, the best way to find a job there is through the internet.

Just go to the websites of the companies where you would like to work to contact them. It is through this medium that they communicate their job offers.

It is now up to you to search carefully and find the right company. Below are the ways to take advantage of the internet to secure a good-paying job in Canada.

1. Canadian Government Career Tool

The Canadian government offers a Career Tool where it is possible to learn about the current labour market in Canada and to search for job offers by profession, salary, the field of study, knowledge, etc.

You can also target your search to a specific city. You will also find information on salaries in each state, the unemployment rate, the number of vacancies etc.

Also on the Canadian government site, a section is entirely devoted to youth and student employment.

Visit the Canada Career tool for Job Search here.

2. Workopolis Site

The Workopolis site makes it easy for you to search among thousands of job offers. You will also find a lot of information on the Canadian labour market, such as a list of companies that are recruiting.

3. Monster Site

The Monster site is similar to the Workopolis site which has a lot of job postings that you can browse by profession and city.

4. Network of Canadian Companies

Make a research on the network of Canadian companies and contact them directly by sending an application or by responding to a job offer if you find any.

5. Professional Social Network

The use of Professional social networks is a good way to find and contact people who could help you with your research on the spot.

You should not hesitate to create a profile for yourself and to contact people likely to help you advance in your research.

Below are some famous sites that you can explore;

6. Canada Local Sites You Can Explore

7. Employment Agencies You Can Explore

Guide to Preparing For Job Interview in Canada

There is no doubt that the interview stage is so important that it can’t be skipped when applying for a high paying job. To pass this stage, you need good preparation.

See some tips to help you prepare below;

  1. Learn about the job requirements, the company, the missions, its sector of activity, the latest projects carried out. If the company is active on social media, then you can get it there.
  2. Arrive 10 to 15 minutes earlier than the appointed time.
  3. Give a firm handshake upon arrival and departure.
  4. Maintain eye contact with the interviewer.
  5. Address him in his preferred language. In Canada, communication is very direct. You don’t have beat around the bush, just answer to the best of your knowledge. Meanwhile, you should not hesitate to ask questions about the position.
  6. What interests the employer is the employee’s ability to do the job, his attitude, his open-mindedness, his communication, his ability to solve problems, his adaptation to the team, his versatility, and his honesty.
  7. It is common in Canada to do pre-telephone interviews. So, stay prepared so as not to be taken by surprise.

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I hope the Canada employment tips for getting high paying job that are discussed in this article will hopefully help you secure a job soon.

However, if you are currently employed in this country?

Kindly share your experience with us in the comments section to help other users in their process.

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