Health Insurance In UK For International Students

UK Health Insurance
UK Health Insurance

Getting Health Insurance in UK for International Students is not as complicated as you may think. There are several health insurance packages that students who which to study in UK can subscribe to.

Health insurance in UK is important for all students to be on the safer part of life. It has been said that nothing is assured but certainly can be insured.

After going through a lot of academic rigour, there are possibilities that one becomes mentally down or unhealthy. This is where securing a health insurance becomes useful

So this piece focuses on Health Insurance in UK for International Students. Therefore, if you plan to Study in UK as an International Student and you need a health insurance, you should pay attention to this article.

Available Health Insurance in UK for International Students

The NHS which is also known as the National Health Service is in charge of the UK health system, and therefore provide access to health care for students. It has a dedicated guide for national and international students who plan on living one or more semesters in their respective hostels.

It is regularly highlighted as one of the best in Europe due to its free access and the excellence of its care being. The health coverage is offered free of charge which includes the following services in public establishments:

  • Regular care
  • Emergency care
  • Medical treatments

The NHS is usually offered to students who intend to stay for six months or longer period. But if otherwise, the students should consider getting a private insurance in the United Kingdom.

National Health Service (NHS) Areas of Coverage

The advantages of taking out full health insurance to study in England can be summed up in 5 points:

  1. Access to care in private establishments
  2. Repatriation and dental expenses insurance
  3. Liability insurance
  4. Legal assistance when needed
  5. Study cancellation insurance in the event of a health problem

Subscription Guide for Students Health Insurance in UK

If you wish to purchase health insurance in UK for your study trip, it is usually required to register before the start of your trip.

Many providers offer special offers for students going abroad, with prices varying from single to double. It is therefore particularly necessary that you consult in detail the conditions offered by each offer to select the best one. The price is not the only criterion of choice!

The subscription is done online, directly with the provider of your choice, and is generally validated once all your contact details and your stay information have been filled in and payment made.

1. Finding a doctor

As soon as you get to the UK, getting a doctor shouldn’t be really difficult for you because some universities have a health centre on or near campus.

Meanwhile, there are situations where you would prefer to have your own doctor. All you have to do is to visit the University, local post office or NHS website for a local listing. From there you can choose one close to where you live.

2. Register for Medical Care

You might feel it’s not necessary to find a doctor because you don’t feel ill. But you must have in mind that the registration process can be time consuming at times.

The available means to register for health insurance is by visiting the doctor’s office or health centre.

When you visit the office, you will be required to  bring a letter from your university proving that you are a student.

Meanwhile, you will be included to the NHS list. After you have been accepted  by the doctor, you should receive a card in the mail which contains your NHS number. This serves as an evidence of registration.

3. Visiting your General Practitioner

It has been said that some illnesses and minor health condition can be handled by your registered General Practitioner (GP). These people also provide other services like vaccinations, family planning, women’s health and contraception.

Amazingly some of them may come over to your house in a situation where you are too sick to leave your home.

4. Prescription Medication

Whenever your doctor prescribes drug to you, you should visit any local pharmacy around you to purchase it. This service is free in some parts of the UK like Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

However, it is most likely to be a paid service in England which may cost about £8.20 per item. There is an exception to this if you are under 19 and studying full-time.

By the way, if you request more than three prescribed items in three months, you will need  to pay £29.10 for the tri-monthly Prescription Prepayment Certificate – PPC.

Different Health Insurance Companies in UK for International Students

1. Cap Student Insurance (Chapka Assurance)

Chapka Assurance is an organization specializing in health coverage for students going to study abroad. Through the Cap Student insurance, they have specific coverage for the European zone and in particular England by offering services in addition to the costs already covered by the European health insurance card.

If you want to take health insurance for your studies in the UK, we therefore recommend  the Cap Student Insurance (Chapka Assurance)

2. Bupa Health Insurance

Are you aware that the Bupa health insurance, travel insurance, dental insurance and cash plan are offered by the Bupa Insurance Limited.

This insurance company is  registered in England and Wales with the No.3956433.

Therefore, as a student who is interested in any private health insurance in UK, you should consider registering with the Bupa Health Insurance.


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