Top 10 Universities For Online Education Programs In UK And US

Online Education Programs
Online Education Programs

Are you searching for different online education universities and programs available? This page outlines schools that offer such in UK and USA.

The rate at which people opt in for online education these days have increased exponentially due to the aftermath of Covid 19 pandemic. The pandemic affected a lot of sectors where the educational sector is not left out.

That notwithstanding, online study is driven by need for people to attain certain educational qualifications without being physically present. This model of education through the internet aids acquisition of certificates from the comfort of your home.

There are several institutions in the US and UK that offer online education Programs.

Therefore, we would be exposing you to the different kinds of online education available that you can apply for below;

Universities that Offer Online Education Programs in UK and US

1. London International Business School (UK)

This UK university focuses solely on online education with courses in tourism, finance, entrepreneurship and accounting.

An interesting advantage of this university is the customization of the course. The cost of studies is between € 6,700 and € 7,700 per year, depending on the specialization.

London International Busines School Website

2. Faculty of Oriental and African Studies (UK)

This university is an affiliated college of the University of London and it is the only UK higher education institution specializing in the study of Asia, Africa, the Near East and the Middle East.

This college offers 51 distance learning courses. The cost of studies varies between € 2,500 in some specialties and up to € 23,200 in others.

Faculty of Oriental and African Studies Website

3. Manchester University (UK)

The University of Manchester is one of the most prestigious universities in the UK and has made it to our list today.

On top of that, it offers exceptional academic standards. Its rich heritage dates back to 180 years, and it also has a bright agenda for an even brighter future.

Furthermore, the quality, as well as the type of academic activities, remains unique in the UK. There is also strong collaboration between the University,  UK industry and public services to make specializations more diverse.

The diplomas obtained through distance education are distinguished from ordinary diplomas, or even doctoral diplomas. They cost between € 5,000 and € 20,000 per year.

Manchester University Website

 4. Nottingham Trent University in UK

It is a university recognized in the United Kingdom by The Guardian and The Times magazines because of its academic excellence.

Nottingham Trent University is one of the top rated internationally for its studies and reputation.

In addition, it offers various online postgraduate courses in business, international relations and construction. Above all, the University aspires to make students’ dreams come true by enabling them to find work.

It therefore focuses on the specializations most in demand on the job market. The cost of distance learning varies between € 4,500 and € 13,000 per year, depending on the specialization and degree.

Nottingham Trent University Website

 5. The Open University in UK

More than 200,000 students and 387 educational programs available for online training and advanced degrees. This university obviously attracts international students for these flexible certifications and quality online training. It made it to the list of top 50 universities in the UK.

This university offers different specializations including engineering, computer science, law, arts, economy, natural Science.

The annual cost is between € 4,000 and € 9,000.

Open University Website

 6. University of Michigan (US)

The University of Michigan is one of the most prestigious public universities in the United States that you can get online education. They are committed to the dissemination of online education, for this reason, they offer you many free online courses.

You can take courses in Programming, Negotiation, Health, Accounting and many others.

In addition, they offer you an online master’s degree on topics as relevant in the 21st century as Data Science, Public Health, Social Work, Population Science, among others.

University of Michigan Website

 7. University of Pennsylvania (US)

The University of Pennsylvania is private and is another of the TOP universities in North America.

Its offer of specializations and online courses is very wide and diverse. In addition, they are very popular and attract a lot of interest from the public.

They offer you courses on the following topics in Business analytics, Entrepreneurship, Positive psychology, Robotics, Viral Marketing, Philosophy, .Microeconomics, Health, Crowdfunding, American laws, and among many others.

University of Pennsylvania Website

8. Cornell University (US)

Another of those considered one of the best universities in the United States and the world.

It is a private university and stands out mainly for being one of the best research universities. Their offer of online courses is not that wide, but they are still worth sharing!

You can take courses in Education (teaching and learning in the classroom), History of American Capitalism, Networks, audiences and markets, The science of politics, The ethics of food, Astrophysics, Big data, Civic ecology, and  others.

Cornell University Website

9. University of California, Berkeley (US)

The University of California at Berkeley is also one of the best universities in the USA and in the world, but unlike the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, it is public.

In fact, it is considered the number 1 public university in the United States. It also makes available to everyone who wants to learn a wide range of free online courses.

You can take courses related to the following topics, Psychology, Mindfulness, Emotional intelligence, Technology, Blockchain, Marketing, Journalism, Business among others.

University of California, Berkeley Website

10. Yale University

Yale University is private and is the third oldest in the United States. It is also considered according to many rankings as one of the best in the USA and the world.

Its online course offerings are not as wide when compared to other universities in the United States, but they are still very interesting and worthwhile.

Some of the topics you can learn include the Science of Wellness, Introduction to Psychology, Financial markets, Age of the cathedrals, Roman architecture, Tools for Law Students, Global health essentials, Introduction to classical music, Politics and others.

Yale University Website

Merits of Online Education

  1. By attending online education programs, you are not exposed to the risk of being infected with the deadly disease spreading around the world like Covid 19.
  2. Online studies is an affordable form of education where you are most likely to get for free.
  3. It gives you an opportunity to network virtually with wide range of students around the world.
  4. It is a flexible form of education which can be taken from any part of the world.
  5. You have the liberty to learn from experts around the globe.

Nonetheless, if you wish to attend attend a physical university for your desired program, you may wish to checkout the Top 10 Best Universities in USA.


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