UK Visa Application Process

UK Visa Application
UK Visa Application

Do you have the intention to travel to the UK soon? This page discusses the step by step application process required to get UK Visa.

The United Kingdom is known to be the Europe financial capital and one of the best business destinations in the world. It is made up of 4 four countries which are England, Scotland, Wales, and North Ireland.

Aside from this, the UK is a very beautiful place with a very stable economy. Therefore, your interest to migrate to UK is not surprising because it is a place that almost everyone wishes to be.

Anyway, you should rest assured that this article will let you know the important information on getting your UK Visa approved. Ensure you carefully read through this piece.

Step by Step Process for UK Visa Application

Getting a visa is the first thing that comes to your mind if your plan on migrating to the UK soon. Meanwhile, the process of getting seems to be rocket science to some people which is not supposed to be. In case you belong to this set of people, then follow the steps below;

1. Create Your Account on the Official UK Visa Application Site

The first step to take whenever you are applying for UK Visa is to create an account on the UK Immigration Website. To register, visit the UK Official Immigration Website and Select the language of your choice.

2. Fill the UK Visa Online Form By Doing the Following Below;

  • Specifying the type of visa required.
  • Ensuring that all tabs are completed.
  • Provide your passport and travel Information.
  • Provide your details and travel history.
  • Input your family details.
  • Fill in employment and income details.
  • Medical Treatment details (only if you have received medical treatment in the UK).
  • Ensure that all additional information is provided.
  • Submit your application.

3. Sign the declaration

On the same site where you entered your request, you should click on “Sign declaration“. A text will be displayed to you specifying that; “by clicking on this button, you confirm the validity of all the information you have provided on the form“. Write your first and last name as the signature and click on “Sign declaration“.

4. Make an appointment online

  • After you have signed the declaration, the “Book Appointment” button will be accessible. Click on it.
  • Choose the centre of “your country” and as the location “your country” too.
  • Select the type of visa that you desires. Note that other types of visa for a longer period will incur additional costs.
  • You will have to choose a date among the available days, and the desired time.

5. Pay Your Visa Application Fees

You can pay your United Kingdom Visa fees online if you have an international credit card. Otherwise, you can pay the costs of your UK Visa on the spot, on the day of your appointment in the Visa Application Center.

6. Print your form

Ensure that you print your completed form online, then sign and date it.

Don’t forget to confirm that there is a barcode on the first sheet, otherwise, you will need to check the security options on your computer (ad blockers), and reprint. Note that your form will not be accepted on the day of your appointment if the bar code is not visible.

7. Prepare your necessary documents

These documents must all be in English, or the original language with their versions translated into English.

For more information on the necessary documents depending on your situation, as well as the translation conditions, you should check

8. Create your account on the TLScontact UK website

This is where you will choose a location where your visa application would be submitted. It is a necessary step to complete for your UK visa application to be successful. So follow the steps below for a successful registration.

  • Visit  Select your country and then click on “Submit”.
  • Create an account with your desired email address and password. NOTE that the email address with which you create your TLS account must be the same used in the UK visa application form. Otherwise, you will be refused access to the Visa centre on the day of your appointment.
  • Select the type of visa desired, and then enter the number of your visa application (must not be different from the one on your application form).
  • Click on confirm

9. Attend your interview

Go along with your passports, printed version of the appointment confirmation email you received, as well as a photocopy of your national identity card, to access the centre.

You should also have a printed version of your completed online form, and all of your supporting documents. Immediately your documents have been verified by the responsible officer, you will have to go to the biometric data office where your photo is taken as well as your fingerprints and your electronic signature.

The final step is to pay the UK visa fee if you have not previously paid for it online. You will be given a receipt.

10. Track your Visa Progress

You can do this on the TLS Contact UK website, where you have already created an account.

 11. Go collect your visa

You should go to the centre with your visa fee payment receipt and the checklist of submitted documents, your national identity card and a photocopy of it.

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At this point, I believe you have been cleared on all the important information on getting your UK Visa approved. Why not let your colleagues tap from your knowledge by using the social share buttons below to share.

Meanwhile, if you have any questions regarding your migration to the UK, you can drop it in the comment section below!


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